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Stone Carter is an independent recruiter within the Digital Marketing sector supplying permanent staff to both brands and agencies alike throughout the UK, Europe & Asia Pacific regions. We partner with our clients and applicants to ensure that we deliver the very best levels of service to both parties and match the brightest talent to the most exciting opportunities.

At Stone Carter we take the time to really get to know our applicants so we can become an integral part of their career growth. We aim to redefine the recruitment model by offering a level of technical expertise that just cannot be matched within the digital marketing recruitment industry. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it and we love digital with a passion.

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I have worked with a number of talent managers over the years, however Jake is one of the very few that I would trust absolutely and recommend without hesitation. His knowledge of the organic search market in the UK is second to none, not only from a recruitment perspective but as an actual practitioner as well – a truly potent mix that allows him to speak as comfortably around the business aspects of the industry, down to the technical minutae. If you are looking for anyone in his field that is Search focussed, look no further Martin MacDonald - Director, Inbound Marketing @ Expedia
Happy to write a recommendation for Jake. I have used Jake and his recruitment services at a few companies now. It really makes a difference when you need Search & SEO staff and to get someone who not only understand the key traits, but can actually put his own SEO skills in the ring  Adrian Land - Head of SEO @ Thomas Cook PLC
Jake has been a terrific partner as we have grown the ZAAZ business in the UK. He has been the strongest recruiter we have worked with both in terms of the number and the caliber of the candidates that he has found for us. He took the time to get to know us in terms of the people we are, the clients we work with, and our aspirations for the future as a business. He is able to articulate this to prospective candidates and has brought us incredibly talented and collaborative people. As I look at the team we have now, a number of those candidates, both junior and senior, came from Jake Scott Heron - MD @ ZAAZ (Wunderman / WPP)
Jake is one of very few recruiters who don’t just spend their time trolling linkedin looking for candidates, he genuinely is part of the digital community and therefore really understands both sides of the recruitment equation Kelvin Newman - Creative Director @ SiteVisibility
”Jake is a rare commodity. His knowledge of online marketing is extensive, leading to him being invited to speak at industry events. As a recruiter specialising within the online marketing niche, he is uniquely placed to identify the best candidates for our teams. If you are hiring or looking to be placed, I’d recommend making this connection Nick Wilsdon – Head of SEO @ Arena media
You’ll not find a recruiter that knows more about search. Jake is a better search expert than most of the guys he is looking for. Sorry Jake the secrets out Stephen Lock – Digital Producer @ GPMD
There are very few recruiters who can even give a satisfactory explanation of what a canonical instruction is or why you would ever use it. Jake is the complete opposite of most recruiters in that sense, and as a result I always know that when he refers someone to me, that they are properly filtered and worth interviewing. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a result Gareth Owen – Head of SEO @ Steak
In a sea of dodgy recruiters who end up wasting more time than using them saves, Jake is an island of superb industry knowledge and dedication in finding the right candidates for the roles we’ve recruited for at Quad London. It’s refreshing to work with a recruiter who doesn’t just send every CV they come across, and actually takes the time to only select those who are appropriate for a given job. On top of all this, he’s a genuinely good guy and a pleasure to do business with Gus Ferguson – Director @ QUAD
I have had the pleasure to deal with jake as a client. Jake is professional who is very personable with extensive industry knowledge. I would happy to recommend him to anyone whom is seeking a high end IT career Alex Sayle – Vice President @ Morgan Stanley
I have dealt with Jake on a few occasions, both as a client and a candidate. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend him Marla Mitleman – Interaction Designer @ BT Financial Group