SEO is crucial to the success of a website and its business. In theory you can amend any client’s website, increase their natural search presence and drive more traffic to the their site. The end result is a happy client. However, in practice, it is not always that easy to implement SEO as you may need to get buy in from other members of the team, the client may not have control of the website and you can end up waiting weeks to have articles signed off

Here are a few tips on what you need to ensure your client can see the value of SEO you are delivering.

1) Analytics

It is important whatever state the website is in, to have tracking in place. This allows you to see the number of visits to the client’s’ site, the keywords that are driving visits and the referrals. One of the best tracking software is Google Analytics, which allows you to easily see the effects of your SEO work on the traffic. For example the number of visits, pages per visit, average time spent on site, has the increased since you started the SEO for the client?

2) CMS

You should find out early on in the contract, or even better, before it is signed if the client has a CMS. If they do, you should login and check out what you can and cannot change so that you are able to recommend actions that can be implemented. It is hard for your client to see the value of SEO if you put forward all the recommendations but are not able to action any of them. One of the best CMS is WordPress and if your client is in the middle of changing their site, suggest they integrate this CMS into their website.

3) Quick Sign Off

With most of your clients, you will probably be carrying out link building. It is therefore extremely important that you can get sign off for all copywriting you do quickly. Within a week is ideal, anything longer means the syndication and publication of the post or article is delayed. Some of the larger companies I have worked with in the past have taken a month to sign off copywriting material. There are often conflicts internally on the client side, for example the PR team want to own all the content and do not always understand the value of SEO who are employed by the marketing team.

4) Buy in From Senior Management

When you initially start work with a client, you may have direct contact with the marketing director who is an advocate for SEO. If that person leaves, he/she may be replaced with another director who may not know anything about SEO or see the value in it. You will then to meet the director and show to him/her the advantages of SEO and why it is important. It is crucial you have buy in from senior management otherwise it can make your job very difficult indeed. You need to show the value of SEO, how it can be used to grow the business and generate sales. The number of sales made and revenue generated will attract the attention of senior management.

5) Visibility

Always be in touch with the client, even it is just a quick email to show them how they are appearing in the search results. You should not necessarily focus on rankings, but if the client wants, this, send them some screenshots of better rankings which can be attributed to the SEO work you have done, which clearly shows the value of SEO.

If you have all 5 of the above, you will be able to carry out your SEO work with confidence, knowing that your client will not question the reasons for SEO. You can therefore deliver great results and show to all members of the senior management team the value of SEO. This in turn will lead to new business for the next financial year.