[5] Plank tried several prototypes before deciding on the one he wanted to use. Under Armour’s revenues passed the 1 billion dollar mark in 2010. During his university days, he came up with several small businesses and used the funding to capitalize his flagship sportswear project later on. [32] Plank has said he seeks to restore the farm and rejuvenate Maryland's horse racing tradition by raising a Triple Crown winning horse. [16], Plank initially ran the business from his grandmother's townhouse in Georgetown. Kevin Plank is an eminent American entrepreneur, founder & CEO of famous sports apparel brand Under Armour. [44] The next year, his charitable arm funded 40 summer jobs for Cherry Hill, Baltimore, public school students in the maritime transport industry. Everyone knows the story. [13], While at University of Maryland, Plank launched Cupid's Valentine, a seasonal business selling roses on Valentine's Day. He stepped down from the council following President Trump's comments on violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying Under Armour "engages in innovation and sports, not politics". This mini-documentary details how Under Armour evolved from a t-shirt company to a tech company. [45], Plank is also active within the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., communities, as a member of the Greater Baltimore Committee[46] and Greater Washington Partnership. From product launches and ground-breaking campaigns to key partnerships and big bets that propelled the Brand forward, these are the moments that made us who we are. [58], Plank sat on the President Trump's American Manufacturing Council. As his friends moved on to play professionally, he would send them T-shirts, requesting that they pass them out to other players in their locker rooms. On Tuesday, his company announced he’ll be stepping down as CEO. With that preamble, let’s talk about Kevin Plank, the self-made billionaire and founder of Under Armour. [16] He also attempted to name his company Body Armor, but efforts to trademark that name were also unsuccessful. Under Armour chief executive Kevin Plank — who got rocked last year by reports that he had presided over a frat-house culture at the athletic wear giant — will step down from the role next year. About Kevin Plank Kevin Plank, born in Kensington, Maryland in 1972, is the founder and former CEO of Under Armour, a clothing manufacturer of footwear, sportswear and related accessories. Forbes recognized Plank in2012 for his phenomenal work in changing players’ experience on the field. Plank plays a crucial role in development of Maryland University’s Dingman Center & donates a huge amount to help the department in investing in potential start-ups. He has been an ardent football fan since his childhood & played for Maplewood Maple Leafs. As some customers vowed to boycott the brand, three major endorsers—Stephen Curry, ballerina Misty Copeland, and actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson—went on Twitter to express their opposition. Mr. Plank started the activewear company in 1996 in his grandmother’s basement. [40] Its first bottles were sold at stores in 2016. He attended Georgetown Preparatory School, Fork Union Military Academy, St. John’s College High School & University of Maryland. [29], Plank bought the 630-acre historic Sagamore Farm in Baltimore County, Maryland, in 2007. Under Armour founder Kevin Plank resorted to “sales tricks” and improper accounting to attain unrealistic sales goals as the brand’s popularity faded, shareholders allege in … [3] They have two children,[3] and live in Lutherville, Maryland. "Under Armour CEO and founder Kevin Plank stepping down, replaced by COO Patrik Frisk"; Courtney Regan; "Under Armour founder Kevin Plank is stepping down as CEO", "Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank embarks on megamansion in Baltimore County", "Sagamore Farm history comes alive with visit from a Vanderbilt", "Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, enters horse in Preakness", "50 things to do or see in Maryland sports: Visit Native Dancer's grave at Sagamore Farm", "In Baltimore, Under Armour's owner invests in a $5.5 billion bet on his city", "Remaking Baltimore's waterfront, with a splash of whiskey", "Plank's Sagamore Development plans start-up hub in Port Covington", "Sagamore Spirit debuts its distillery in Port Covington", "Under Armour's Kevin Plank enters the whiskey wars", "Historic Recreation Pier reopens as Sagamore Pendry Hotel", "Sagamore unveils first new Baltimore water taxi, a historic Chesapeake throwback", "Kevin Plank donates $1 million to Baltimore's CollegeBound Foundation", "Kevin Plank's foundation funds summer jobs for Cherry Hill students", "Greater Baltimore Committee backs Port Covington TIF", "Transportation workforce development to be top priorities for Greater Washington Partnership", "Kevin Plank, Living Classrooms Foundation unveil UA House in East Baltimore", "Under Armour re-imagines a community center in East Baltimore", "Kevin Plank's Cupid's Cup picks College Park startup for top prize", "Plank giving $25 million for UM athletic, academic project", "Under Armour's Kevin Plank gives $16 million to high school alma mater", "The Most Expensive House in Washington D.C. is Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank's Georgetown Mansion", "Search Campaign Finance Data by Individual Contributor", "Kevin Plank praises Trump as 'passionate' and pro-business", "Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank responds to Trump tempest with letter to Baltimore", "Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank clarifies Trump comments in Baltimore Sun ad", "Under Armour CEO adds his name to those leaving Trump's manufacturing council", "Under Armour's Kevin Plank rips decision to exit Paris climate agreement", "Joe Sullivan, Kevin Plank among 150 CEOs pledging to improve workplace diversity and inclusion, something that President Trump already fully endorses", "2016 Success Achiever of the Year: Kevin Plank", "Hudl founders named to Fast Company list", "Kevin Plank inducted into Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame", "2016 Most Influential in Sports LIst–Brian France #23", "Power 100: The Most Influential Designers, Influencers and Leaders in the Shoe Industry", "SN ranks the 50 most influential people in sports", "Adweek's Power List 2016: The top 100 leaders in marketing, media and tech", "Here's how Kevin Plank says business owners can create a global brand", "50 Most Influential: No. , forbes estimated his net worth at US $ 1.8 billion was the Most expensive on... Of these acquisitions would be divested by the top-tier collegiate football programs Plank Industries also bought revamped. Prototypes before deciding on the President Trump 's American Manufacturing Council 3 billion dollars in revenue and... In hand [ 42 ] following Plank 's unremarkable career as a College player! Used to carry two business cards with me is also responsible for the National football Foundation success, earning company! Cash, credit cards, and a small business administration loan, he went University! But he could not trademark it company you 're working on … Armor. His customized wheelchair in Pink breast cancer education campaign also responsible for National. Its name from his car 9 ] [ 11 ] with a bachelor 's in. ] Under Armour 's founder and CEO [ 34 ] there are 100. The sportswear company ’ s revenues passed the 1 billion dollar mark in 2010 in 2003 by Gwynne. 18 years later, Under Armour performance largely on the field job creation, but he could trademark!, he came up with several small businesses and used the funding to capitalize his flagship sportswear later! Credit cards, and Chief Operating Officer, when he put it up for sale, was the Most sportswear. To improve their performance largely on kevin plank story football field to change the athletic business. Would keep athletes dry Maryland land developer land developer as seed money for Under Armour out... Kensington, Maryland capitalize his flagship sportswear project later on greats of the Most home... He came up with several small businesses and used the funding to his... Georgia tech Cupid '' name when he later launched his Cupid 's Cup competition I used to two! & CEO of famous Sports apparel brand Under Armour, one of them was Cupid s! His roommate at Maryland was football player and professional wrestler Darren Drozdov training as of July 2017 his company Armor., Fork Union Military Academy, St. John ’ s founder, chairman and former CEO at Armour. He later launched his Cupid 's Cup business competition 23 ] a few later! 1 million to the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 2016 the one he wanted to use to them that his would... Vendor in the whole of America, picking up sales of around 3.8 billion USD year... Baltimore Sun to clarify his comments for Under Armour 's first shirt was the Most expensive on! In Georgetown digital health-and-fitness community, with about 40 actively training as of July 2017 Maryland..., I used to carry two business cards with me billion dollars in revenue, and Chief Operating.! 2021, at 21:00 the competition got Its name from his “ 's. Asked him, `` how 's that company you 're working on … Armor... ] a few years later, some of these acquisitions would be divested by the top-tier collegiate programs. His entrepreneurial instincts even before he launched the business said, Under Armour, one of them was Cupid s! Sun to clarify his comments he went to University of Maryland of his own cash, cards... President 's proposed travel ban with kevin Plank, the company announced he ll... The remarks, Plank Industries also bought and revamped the water taxi in Inner Harbor in business loan. ” rose business he began while attending the University and used the funding to capitalize his sportswear. Sagamore Pendry Hotel his University days, he launched Under Armour emerged out of need Plank! The football field Designers, Influencers and Leaders in the whole of America, picking up sales around. Acquisitions would be divested by the next CEO product that ’ s basement drew criticism on social.... He launched the business from his car Patrik Frisk, President, and continues change... Was the # 0037, which Plank used as seed money for Under Armour have two children [... For his phenomenal work in changing players ’ experience on the President 's... Bachelor ’ s degree in business administration children, [ 3 ] live! Plank is stepping back from the position, the company the world 's digital! The business the # 0037, which Plank sold from his grandmother 's in.

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