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The London market is very competitive and it can be hard to differentiate yourself from other candidates when looking for a job. Most people you are competing with will probably have a degree and a few years experience in industry meaning your CVs will look very similar to one another. Therefore you need to leave the pc at home, go back to the old fashioned way of looking for a job and meet people in person. Read more →
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It’s an age old question really, should I try and make my CV stand out from the crowd or not? Back in the day before the rise of the internet and all these shiny new social media platforms it was a case of using a comical font, or if you want to get real old school, posting in a CV on coloured paper. To be honest there were hundreds of things job seekers did to try and make their resume stand out. Occasionally we got to see something that made us smile, but generally it quickened the document on its way to the shredder or deleted folder.

In all reality it often still does today. Un-readable layouts that don’t make sense and what can only be described as offensive on the eye fonts are still a huge no go in my opinion. Do you need a photo? Let’s be honest for a moment and put all political correctness aside, people judge a book by its cover and if you are not quite the super model type then this will do you more harm than good. I know it is something you might not want to hear, but take the advice. Seriously. When I see a photo on a resume, I remove it before sending onto a client. Read more →