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A quick fire 10 minute video by Maile Ohye at Google on tips to help out smaller sites of around 50 pages or less with ranking better.

It covers a few topics and although not a hard core SEO tutorial (for that I’d look elsewhere to be perfectly honest) it does cover the basics such as don’t bother with meta keyword tags as Google ignores this. Its surprising and quite frankly disturbing how often I hear that as a ranking factor when I interview SEO’s. Let me be clear, when I do hear it the interview ends pretty swiftly.

Other areas covered include things like email forwarding from webmaster tools for updates and alerts as well as making sure you verify the site and add in web analytics.

It also covers areas like checking the domains history. Was it a spam monster in the past? If so you may find you will have a fair few difficulties when it comes to ranking now.

Check it out if you are a small business owner who cannot afford the services to a reputable SEO firm.

SEO is crucial to the success of a website and its business. In theory you can amend any client’s website, increase their natural search presence and drive more traffic to the their site. The end result is a happy client. However, in practice, it is not always that easy to implement SEO as you may need to get buy in from other members of the team, the client may not have control of the website and you can end up waiting weeks to have articles signed off Read more →